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4 years ago I found my place at the Dark Lords side. What if Voldemort had actually considered this and decided that Harry could be useful to him? Follow Luffy as he grows up with a famous crew causing trouble, happiness, laughter and belonging in a great family all while still aiming to becoming the King of the pirates. With Daniel Granger named the child's temporary guardian, he disappears into the muggle world. Pero el odio que le tienen es demasiado obligandolo a salir de la aldea, en compañia de la unica persona que realmente lo quiere. Naru Hina Sasu Saku Itachi Oc Por que incluso una persona como ella tubo que pasar por la dura prueba de sus hormonas fuera de control, — entonces Hinata....

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However, before we just start rambling on about what we think the best are, let’s talk about why we have the authority to compose such a list....

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Insa, lucrul asupra caruia insistam mereu si ceea ce vrem sa se evidentize este acela al unei comunitati de personaje care au grija unele de altele....

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Bruno Mars came up with the lyrical concept for "Billionaire" during a trip to London in which he was given £240 (0) by his record label to spend for 11 days....

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